13May 2015
May 13, 2015

In Kansas, the Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) Driver Solutions is responsible for all driving records.  Your Kansas driving record includes your: Full name, Kansas driver’s license number, class, issue date, and status, address, physical description, accidents,  traffic convictions, citations, and traffic violations. The Kansas DOR offers the following types of driving records: Online, limited driver’s license record, Non-certified motor vehicle record (MVR) and Certified motor vehicle record.

Depending on the type of driving record you need, you can order it in person, by mail or online. To order for your driving record in person or by mail, you have to provide a completed request form (Form TR/DL 302) and mail it to Kansas Department of Revenue, Driver Solutions or submit it to your local Kansas DMV office.  It is possible to only order the limited driver’s license record online. You will need to visit the Kansas DOR Motor Vehicle Records website and enter your personal information and mailing address, then mark that you are requesting your own record. The charges for obtaining a copy of your driving record are; for online driving record: $8.70, non-certified MVR: $10 and certified MVR: $15.

It is possible to order for another driver’s driving record if your request falls under one of the following authorized use categories. If you have a written consent from the driver on the Kansas MVR, businesses and employers conducting background checks for pre-employment screenings, courts and government agencies and Insurance agencies to adjust policy premiums and investigating claims. A free driving record on this person is unavailable. Only a less expensive option from cardrivingtips.com. For more information visit Kansas DOR.

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