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Q: How do I check my driving records?

A: You have multiple options. You can visit your local dmv office, visit the state dmv website, or use a third party records provider.

Q. How do I check driving records on someone else?

A: You can use a third party records provider or get written consent from the search subject and go to your local dmv office or use a third party records provider.

Q: How long do tickets stay on your driving record?

A: This can vary by state and depends on the violation severity. So the best thing to do is contact your insurance agent and ask about your driving points.

Q: How do I pay for speeding tickets?

A: Speeding tickets can be paid online, at a local dmv office, or over the phone.

Q: How do I beat speeding tickets?

A: You need to determine your speed and thoroughly review the citation before putting together your defense strategy. On the citation the officer will indicate if your speed was documented with a radar gun or estimate. Naturally when its an estimation you can fight the ticket more easily. If not you need to go back to the scene and look for speed limit signs. If you can make the case there were no signs in the area you should select appeal when sending back the citation and show up at the courthouse with your documents.

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Lookup Driving and DUI Records. Wondering about your public driving record? Is your DUI public knowledge? Use the Free Drivin Records forms to lookup this information quickly and securely.

Did you recently get a DUI and need information? Use the resources provided here to find legal advice or local services phone numbers and addresses.

There are many simple tips and tricks to avoid tickets. First and foremost you can follow the law. However, in the inevitable event you get pulled over there are standard practices to help getting out of a ticket. Use these tactics to save yourself from tickets and points on your insurance.

When you’re 15 and applying for a driving permit you can’t be too prepared. Not only is there a written test but also driving test. We provide some only practice tools so that you can pass these tests with flying colors and be issued a driving permit from your local DMV.

Plenty of States offer Online Driving Schools. We have a directory to help you find these online defensive driving and driving improvement courses. All it takes is a computer and an internet connection to attend class. Log in and out at your leisure and complete the online defensive driving courses whenever it’s convenient for you. Brick and mortar schools are falling by the wayside. Take advantage of online certificate training.