10Jul 2015

The Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) has implemented a Graduated Driver License (GDL) program which is meant to help first time applicants be more responsible drivers when they obtain their unrestricted driver license. Under the GDL program, applicants arerequired to achieve a number of milestones before obtaining a full driver license. Though the first step in the GDL program is obtaining a learner’s permit, you will have to take and pass a Written Georgia Permit Test.

In case you are a new Georgia resident, the Georgia DMV will give you one month to transfer your driver’s permit. Regardless of your previous state’s licensing rules, you must be at least 15 years old to transfer a permit. In addition, you will only get credit for the time you have had your out-of-state permit. However, the time will count to the 12 months required by the Georgia DMV before you can move from an instructional permit to anintermediate traffic laws.To transfer your out-of-state driver’s permit you will need either your current permit or a certified copy of your driving record (the driving record should not be more than 30 days old).

Before you are issued with your driver permit, you will be required to pass 2 written tests on highway signs and driving laws. Each test is composed of 20 questions, and each test covers different topics. The road rules test covers a number of topics which include: Being a responsible and safe driver, Georgia traffic laws, defensive driving, parking, sharing the road and safe driving practices. The road signs cover highway signs, traffic signals, road markers and how to enter and exit the freeway. The road rules test is available in a number of languages, however the road signs test is only offered in English to ensure that drivers can read and understand the signs as they appear on the road.

If you fail either of the tests, you will have to wait one business day before you can retake it. However if you fail a second time or more you will must wait for at least 7 business days before you can retake the test. Furthermore you will have to pay $10 permit fee every time you take the tests.