9Jul 2015

Colorado enlists a graduated drivers licensing program for first time applicant who want to obtain a driver’s permit. Depending on how old you are, there are different instruction/learner’s permits you can apply for:

  • 15 years old to 15 ½  years old: Driver Education Permit
  • 15 1/2 years old to 16 years old: Driver Awareness Permit
  • 16 years old to 21 years old: Minor Instruction Permit

You must pass a vision screening testand a written permit exam no matter which driving permit you are eligible to apply for.

When you are ready to take the written test, visit any Colorado DMV licensing office.  No appointments are required; however, you should go during low-traffictimes. The following are the best times to visit to save you time standing in line: Before the lunch hour (usually noon), during the middle of the week (between Wednesday and Thursday) or during the middle of the month.

The written test contains questions that are based on information taken from the Colorado Driver Handbook and the main topics are Colorado driving laws, road signs, driving under the influence and safety rules. Apart from the Colorado Driver Handbook, you can also study for the test by taking any of the followingDMV practice tests: Colorado learner’s permit, Regular Colorado driver’s license (Class R), it is also offered in Spanish (examen de practica para la licencia) and road signs. In addition to a DMV practice test, you can also take online Driver’s Prep Course from authorized providers, it will enable you learn via online videos or you can also download and print study guides for further study.

After passing the written test you will be issued with your learner’s permit. After obtaining your learner’s permit, the Colorado DMV will not requireyou to take the test again except when: your driver’s license expires and you do not renew it for more than a year, your license was suspended because of traffic violations, adding an endorsement or when you are applying for different class of driver’s license and when your driver’s license was denied, revoked or cancelled.

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