9Jul 2015

California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) initiated a Graduated Driver License (GDL) program, under the program first time applicants must achieve certain milestones before they obtain an unrestricted driver’s license. Under the GDL program, obtaining a learner’s permit is the first step on your path to your California driver’s license. In addition, you have to enroll in a California DMV approved driver’s education course.

Whether you are eligible to reinstate your driving privileges, a new California resident or a first time applicant the California DMV requires that you get the proper knowledgebefore obtaining a license. The way to get knowledge is through taking a written driver’s license test at your local DMV office. The test covers California’s traffic laws, road signs, defensive driving, parking, how to enter and exit the freeway, sharing the road and safe driving practices.

When preparing for the test you can study the California driver’s manual, take few practice permit tests or DMV practice tests and even complete a driver prep course online. Taking a practice test before the actual test will help you become familiar with the language used in the test, get used to the format of the actual DMV test and practice answering your questions in a multiple-choice format.

The DMV written permit test contains 46 multiple choice questions and a passing score of at least 80% or 38 correct answers is required. When taking the test you have a maximum of three chances to pass. In case you fail the test, the California DMV requires that you wait for a minimum of one week before retaking the test again. However, if you pass the written test and pay the recommended fee of $33, you will be issued with your driver’s permit. The $33 is payment for your provisional learner’s permit and driver’s license, and covers a total of 3 exams within a 12 months period. It is important to note that, if you do not meet all the requirements within a 12 month period, your application will be invalid and you will have to repeat all the steps and pay the fee again.

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