28May 2015

Your California driving record contains information about your traffic convictions, including DUI, the DMV Point System and the status of your driving license, which includes whether your license has ever been revoked, suspended or canceled and if you owe any license reinstatement fees. In addition, it also includes your personal information associated with your driving license, which is your name, age, your social security number and your address.

It is very easy to order for your free driving record. You can order a copy of your driving record in person, by mail or online. To order your driving record in person, you have to visit the your  local DMV office, show your identification and complete the Request for Your Own Driver License Information Record by filling form INF 1125. To order by mail, you have to complete a written request that includes your name, date of birth, social security number, CA driving license number and signature and then mail your request. You can also order your driving record online, however, online driving records are not considered official.

Despite the fact that California considers driving records public information, it does not mean that just anyone is granted access to another person’s driving record. For you to get another person’s driving record, you have to complete a request for any record information by filling form INF 70 and follow the whole process. The state charges a small fee to obtain your driving record, when you order online the charges are $2, by mail $5 and in person $5. The payment method varies depending on how you order for your driving record. For more information visit California Driving Record.

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