8May 2015

Arkansas driving records are governed by Arkansas code section 27-50-901 et. Seq.  it shows your DUI convictions, accidents, violations, your driving history and other infractions.  There are two types of driving records: Insurance record and Commercial record, either version of the records can easily be obtained.

Despite the fact that you can request your own driving record, it may also be requested by courts, employers, government agencies and  insurance companies. However, your driving record is confidential and as a result, other individuals must have your written consent on a Driving Record Release form before they can request for your driving record.  You can acquire a copy of your driving record by mail, online or in person by visiting any Arkansas revenue office. When ordering by mail or in person, you will be required to complete a Driving Records Request form. On the other hand, while ordering online you will use the Online Driver Record (Traffic Violation Report) Request System. You will be able to print your driving record after finishing the procedure and paying the required fee.

Free Driving Records are not available from the Arkansas DMV. The state of Arkansas imposes a small fee for the issuing of driving records. However, the fee varies depending on the method of ordering and the type of record you order. For an insurance record, you will pay $10 if you order online and $7 if you order by mail or in person. For a commercial record, you will pay $13 if you order online and $10 if you order by mail or in person.