9Jul 2015
Jul 9, 2015

The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has teen driver requirements which teenagers applying for their first driver’s license will need to satisfy. The requirements are included in the Graduated Driver Licensing program (GDL). The process of obtaining an unrestricted driver’s license involved first time applicants driving under supervision with a learner’s permit and unsupervised driving with certain limitations. The steps in the GDL program are designed to help teens gain the knowledge and develop the experience to pass their driving test and become safe drivers.

There are minimum age requirements to proceed to each step:

  • 14 years old: Learner’s permit.
  • 16 years old: Provisional driver’s license
  • Above 18 years or after holding your provisional driver’s license for at least six months with no serious traffic violations: Full, unrestricted driver’s license

When applying for your Alaska driving permit, you will be required by the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles to take a written permit test before you are issued with your permit.

For you to pass the test you will need to know more about highway signs, safe-driving practices and Alaska traffic laws. To prepare for the written permit test, you can study with the basic practice test or refer to the Alaska Driver Manual provided by the Division of Motor Vehicles. In addition, it is also advisable to use comprehensive online practice test that are provided by certified institutions. In case you fail the written permit test, you can retake it the following business day. It is also important to not that the test is free.

While applying for a driver’s permit you will also be required to take and pass the DMV driving/road test. The Alaska DMV road test will cost you $15 and you must schedule the test with an approved third-party test provider or through the Alaska DMV website. When you visit the DMV office to take the tests you will have to provide documents proving the following details: your legal name, Social Security Number, date of birth and Alaska residency.  For more information on your driver’s permit visit the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles website.


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