12Jul 2015

The Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) implementeda Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program to help first time driver’s license applicant become more responsible drivers when they finally get their driver’s license. Under the GDL program, driver’s license applicants are required to achieve age- and experience-related milestones before obtaining their driver’s license. Though obtaining a learner’s permit is the first step in the GDL program driver’s license applicants have to take a written permit test prior to being issued with their licenses.

If you recently moved to Washington, you have 30 days to transfer your out-of-state driver’s license or learner’s permit. However, if you have an out-of-state permit, you should check if you can transfer it for a Washington instruction permit by directly contacting the Washington DOL.

The Washington written permit test is composed of a series of questions in a multiple-choice format. The questions are based on the Washington driver manual and cover the following topics: Washington traffic laws, traffic signs and their meanings, vehicle safety, road signage, parking, sharing the road, entering and exiting the freeway, safe driving, lane use, and accident and emergency procedures. You will have a maximum of 1 hour to complete the test.

To prepare for the written test, you can study the WashingtonDriver’s Manual. The manual will give a comprehensive knowledge off all you need to know about the questions in the written test. However there are other study materials like the online practice tests.  A combination of the two will help you test your knowledge about the rules of the road in Washington, familiarize with the format of the actual exam and learn what it takes to pass the written test.

If you fail the written permit test on your firstattempt you will have to wait for more than 72 hours before you can retake it. However, if you fail more than 6 times within 12 months, you will have to wait for 12 months from the time you did your first test before you can retake the test.  You will be required to pay a $10 permit test fee.

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