15May 2015

In case you need your driving record in Missouri, you can order it through the MO Department of Revenue (DOR) Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division. The are two types of driving records in Missouri, the driving record with personal information, which contain your name, date of birth,  physical description, address,  MO driver’s license number,   phone number, and  Social Security number (SSN). The other type is that without personal information, which contain the driver’s traffic accidents, traffic violations and driving history.

In Missouri, you can order for your driving record by mail, in person, by fax or email. To order by mail, you need to complete a Request from Record Holder (Form DOR-4681), include your driving record fee and mail it to:

Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division
301 West High Street Room 470
Jefferson City, MO 65101

To order in person, visit your local Missouri DMV with a completed Request From Record Holder (Form DOR-4681) and pay the required fee. To order for your driving record by fax or email, complete a Request From Record Holder (Form DOR-4681), it has to include your signature and a notary’s signature and fax your form to (573) 526-7367, or e-mail it to dlrecords@dor.mo.gov. The charges for ordering your driving record are $5.88, however an additional fee of $0.50 will be charged if you order by fax and $2 if you order in person. The state of Missouri does not offer free driving records.

You can only order for another driver’s driving record if your request falls under the following categories; government agencies, insurance agencies, employers and if you have a written consent from the driver. Visit the MO Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle for more information.