11Jul 2015

In Kentucky, the Transportation Cabinet’s Division of Driver Licensing (DDL) is responsible for issuing of drive permits. The DDL implemented a graduated driver licensing (GDL) program in order to help first time drivers’ license applicants become more responsible drivers. The first step in the GDL program is to obtain a learner’s permit; however before you are issued with the learner’s permit you must pass a Written Permit Test.

If you have recently moved to Kentucky, the Kentucky DDL gives you a period of 30 days to transfer your out-of-state learner’s permit or driver’s license. To transfer, visit your local Kentucky DDL office and submit school compliance verification form, a completed Driver License – ID Card Application, your out-of-state driver’s permit/license and driving record. If your out-of-state driver’s permit is not valid you will have to pass a written and eye tests.

After you have all the required documents to apply for your learner’s permit, book an appointment with your local Kentucky DDL office for your written test. The written test is based on the information found in the Kentucky Driver Manual, the questions cover the following topics: Kentucky traffic laws, road signs, driving techniques, parking, switching lanes and signaling, defensive driving, how to react in the event of an accident or emergency, and how to enter and exit the freeway. In order to pass the test will be required to have a pass score of 80%.

While preparing for the test, the Kentucky DDL advices applicant to study the Kentucky Driver Manual, however, you can also take online practice test from authorized providers. The test will give you a comprehensive idea of what the test is made of, how the questions are set and how to answer the questions.

In case you do not pass the test on your first attempt, you will have to come back again on the next available testing day to retake the test. The Kentucky DDL only allows you to take the test a maximum of six times without being penalized. In case you fail for more than six consecutive times, you will have to wait for a period of six months before retaking the test again.

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