13May 2015

The Kentucky’s Transportation Cabinet Office of Driver Licensing is responsible for issuing of driving records in Kentucky. You can view either a 5-year record or a 3-year record, which contains traffic violations, accidents, convictions and the status of your driving license.

The kind of record you are ordering determines the way in which you will order for it. For a 3-year driving record you can order for it online through the Kentucky Driver History Record System, then pay the required fee of $3 with a valid credit card, and an addition  $2.50 electronic convenience fee. Your will be issued with a copy of your driving record immediately and will remain available for printing and/or viewing for the next two week after you have applied for it. To order for a 5-year driving record, you must visit a local Driver Licensing Field Office, provide valid identification documents and pay the $3 driving record fee.

It is possible to order for another driver’s 3-year driving record without restrictions.  This means that insurance companies, employers, courts and government agencies or other interested parties can request for your driving record. However, it is important to note that, the 3-year record does not contain your personal information. In addition, no one else except you can order for the 5-year driving record, which contains your personal information.  A 3-year driving record includes your driver status, driving restrictions, traffic violations and license expiration. While a 5-year driving record contains all the details in the 3-year driving record plus all of your personal information (gender, date of birth, address and social Security number). A free driving record or any free records can be investigated at cardrivingtips.com. For more information visit Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

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