8Jun 2015

Alabama Driver Licensing

To give Alabama teens the opportunity to safely practice their driving skills before becoming independent, the Alabama Department of Public Safety set up a graduated driver licensing (GDL) program. This program enables teens to earn their licenses in stages with driving restrictions imposed until they earn a full unrestricted license.

There are three main stages to the Alabama GDL program: learner license, restricted license, and unrestricted/regular driver’s license.

Alabama Age Requirements

  • 15 years old: Eligible for learner license.
  • 16 years old: Eligible for restricted license (provisional license).
  • 17 years old: Eligible for unrestricted license.
  • 18 years old: Eligible for unrestricted license

Stage I – Learner’s Permit

  • Must be age 15 or older.
  • Must pass a written examination.
  • Can only drive when accompanied by a parent or licensed driver who is age 21 or older and should seat beside the driver.

Stage II – Restricted License

  • Must be age 16 or older.
  • Must have permission from the parent to receive a Stage II license and drive without permission.
  • Must take a DMV road test and pass
  • Should not drive a vehicle that has more than one passenger other than parents, legal guardians or family members.
  • Should not be in possession or using any handheld communications devices like a phone while driving.
  • A State II (restricted) driver cannot operate a vehicle between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m., unless:
  • They are escorted by a parent.
  • They are escorted by an adult who is 21 years old and with a valid license.
  • They are from or going to their regular place of work.
  • They are from or going to a school-sponsored event.
  • They are from or going to a religious-sponsored event.
  • They are driving due to a law enforcement, fire or medical emergency.
  • They are driving to or from fishing/hunting activities in possession of required licenses.

After you pass the driving test and get your restricted driver’s license, you must hold the license for a minimum of six months and when you reach 17 years you can apply for a Stage III unrestricted driver’s license.

Stage III- Unrestricted Driver’s License

Once you reach 17 years old you can apply for your Unrestricted Driver’s License. The standard driver’s license fee in Alabama is $36.25.

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