28May 2015
May 28, 2015

Your Texas driver record shows a number of elements of your driving history, from the most basic information like your address to more in-depth details like license suspensions. There are different types of driving records in Texas, which include: Status record, 3-year history, certified 3-year record, all crashes and violations, certified all crashes and violations and certified complete abstract.

In Texas you can only order for your driving record online or by mail. How you order for your driving record depends on how quick you want to receive it and which record you want. To order online, visit the Online Driver Record Request System provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You will be required to provide your driver license number, date of birth, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number and DPS audit number. To order for your driving record by mail you will need a completed Request for a Certified Abstract of a Driver Record (Form DR-36). Mail the form to the address on the form. The state does not offer free driving record, if you order by mail you will pay a fee of $20 and if you order online the charges depends on the type of record you order as follows:

  • Status Record: $4
  • 3-Year History: $6
  • Certified 3-Year History: $10
  • All Crashes and Violations: $7
  • Certified All Crashes and Violations: $10

You can order another driver’s driving record using the same process as above; however, you must meet any of the following requirements:

  • Uses related to motor vehicle theft, motor vehicle operator safety or motor vehicle emissions.
  • Employer purposes.
  • Government agency purposes or a private entity carrying out government agency purposes.
  • Research for statistical reports.
  • Proving information to the owner about vehicle impoundment.

Visit the Texas Department of Public Safety for more information.

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