12Jul 2015

The Oklahoma’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) implemented a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program to help first time driver’s license applicant be more responsible drivers when they finally obtain their licenses. The GDL program has several milestones that first time applicants must complete before getting their driver’s licenses. The first stem under the GDL program is obtaining a learner’s permit; however, you will be required to take a written permit test before obtaining your learner’s permit.

If you just moved to Oklahoma, you can transfer you out-of-state driver’s license. You will not be required to take a written permit test as long as you are at least 15 ½ years old and your learner’s permit is valid. However, if your out-of-state learner’s permit is expired, you will be required to take the Oklahoma written permit test and complete the guidelines and instructions outlined in the GDL program.

The written permit test is composed of a series of multiple choice questions which are directly obtained from the Oklahoma Driver’s Manual. The test covers a number of topics which include: Drug and alcohol laws, local Oklahoma traffic laws, safe driving practices, defensive driving, parking, lane use, signaling and communicating to other drivers, entering and exiting the freeway, and accidents and emergency procedures. To pass the written permit test you will need a pass score of 80%.

To prepare for the test, you should study the Oklahoma driver’s manual. In addition you can also take an online practice test which is a sure way to have a comprehensive idea of what will be set in the test.

When you are ready to take the test visitthe Oklahoma DPS driver exam site, you will appear before a Driver License Examiner and take the written test.  If you are below 18 years old, you must be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian. In addition to the written permit test, you will be required to take a vision exam. After passing the test, the examiner will issue you a form which you are required to take to a tag agency and pay the following fees:

  • 4$: permit application
  • $33.50: license fee
  • $4: retest fee (if applicable)

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