15May 2015

You can apply for your driving record through the Montana Motor Vehicle Division. Your diving record contains your driving record for as long as you have hard your driver license and contains your personal information, license information, tickets and convictions, driver license revocations, suspensions and vehicle accident history.

You can order for a copy of your driving record online, in person, or by mail. To order for your driving record online, visit the Montana driver records request page and select the specific use statement, provide your full name, your driver license number and the last four digits of your social security number. Then follow the instruction to get your driving record. To order for your driving record in person, visit the MVD office at the following address:

Scott Hart Building, Second Floor
302 N. Roberts
Helena, MT 59601

Submit a notarized Release of Driving Records (Form 34-0100). Show proof of identity (driver’s license, passport or identification card) and your driving record will be processed immediately. To order for your driving record by mail, you have to complete a Release of Driving Records (Form 34-0100), provide proof of identity, a self-addressed stamped envelope and the required fee. Send the above information to:

Motor Vehicle Division
P.O. Box 201430
Helena, MT 59620

You cannot obtain a free driving record in Montana, the following are charges for ordering for your driving record:

  • Online: $7.25.
  • In person: $4.
  • By mail: $4.

The following is a list of who may request for another driver’s driving record: a person with a written consent, government agencies, towing companies, licensed private investigators, an employer and a parent needing the driving record of a child who is 18 years and below. For more information visit the Montana Motor Vehicle Division.


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