11Jul 2015

Just like other states, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) implemented a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program. The program is aimed at helping teens and first time driver’s license applicant to be more responsible drivers when they obtain their driver’s license. Under the Maryland GDLprogram, the first step is obtaining your learner’s permit. However, you will also need to take a written permit test before you are issued with the learner’s permit.

If you just moved to Maryland, you cannot transfer your out-of-state driver’s license or learner’s permit. You therefore have to complete all the requirements of the Maryland GDL program, including completion of a certified driver education program, taking a written permit test and logging the required number of behind-the-wheel driving hours.

When you have all the required documents and ready to take the written permit test, book an appointment with your local MVA office and prepare for the test. The Maryland learner’s permit test is computer base and administered at the MVA office. The test is composed of 25 multiple choice questions and mainly covers the following areas:

  • Maryland traffic laws
  • Maryland road signs
  • Vehicle safety
  • Defensive driving
  • Vehicle positioning
  • Signaling and communicating to other drivers
  • Parking
  • Sharing the road
  • Road signage
  • Entering and exiting the freeway
  • Lane use
  • Accident and emergency pro

To pass the exams you will need to answer 85% of the questions correctly. In addition to taking and passing the written permit test, you will also be required to pay the $50 fee and pass a vision test. Your learner’s permit will be valid for a period of two years from the day it was issued.

To help you prepare for your written test, the Maryland MVA recommends that you study the Maryland Driver’s Manual. The manual contains all the information that will be set in the exam and it is a good way to prepare. Furthermore you can also opt to take online practice tests which are basically a series of questions that are similar to what you expect in the actual test. The practice test gives you a feel of how the questions are set and how you are supposed to answer them.

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