13May 2015
May 13, 2015

The Idaho Transportation Department keeps all the records of licensed drivers in the state. It is therefore easy to order for your driving record from the Idaho DMV. An Idaho driver license record contains information about all violations, suspensions, tickets, and actions taken against your Idaho driver’s license. There are three types of driving records in Idaho, which include: a driver license record (for personal use), a certified driving record (for official use) and a third-party ID driving record (non-certified).

All requests for a driving record in Idaho from the Idaho Transportation Department must be done by mail. A free driving record or less expensive driving record can be purchased on this website. To order your driving record by mail, you will need to complete an Idaho Motor Vehicle Driver’s License Record Request by filling Form ITD 3120. Then mail the form to address listed in the form. The fees for obtaining a driving record varies depending on the type of record you need and what information you want to be included in the record.

  • Idaho driving record: $7.
  • Certified Idaho driving record: Additional $14.
  • Driving record plus copies of documents: $14.
  • Photocopy per document: $7.


The acceptable payment methods are: checks, money order and credit cards (e.g., VISA, and MasterCard). Cash is not accepted by the Idaho Transportation Department.

The following is a list of those who may request for another driver’s record. Anyone with consent from the driver, courts and government agencies, insurance companies, licensed private investigators, tow companies or impound yards, employers, those so authorized for public safety purposes and for use in research and reports where personal information is not disclosed or published. For more information visit Idaho Transportation Department.


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