An Uber Driver: The New Generation Bartender

7Sep 2016
Sep 7, 2016

You must be wondering, how on earth can an Uber driver be compared to a bartender? Two different industries, eh? But believe me, there is a common ground between these folks. Uber is an app-based tool that works wonders for passengers who prefer to hitch a ride off to their destinations via private cars, rather than to hail a cab as the majority of us has been accustomed to.

Being an Uber driver probably is the easiest way to earn money while enjoying the ride with passengers around the city. To be an Uber Driver Partner, you must be someone who has a decent driving record as this will be checked when you apply to be an Uber Driver. All you need to be their partner is to be of age to drive (you should be 21 as an Uber requirement), have at least 3-year proven driving track record, file car insurance under your name, which should be registered in the state where you live and drive. You can check your state’s DMV for any additional car-related licenses that you need to secure for you to drive your way to a better, be-your-own-boss career.

The reason why I said that being an Uber driver is comparable to a bartender is because of the type of passengers that our friendly drivers bump to every time. Most of the passengers are surprisingly open to be engaged in conversations and this is one of the perks of being the private driver of strangers that can turn out to be your friends. In fact, it’s all over the internet the different faces of Uber passengers, from the most dramatic stories that will definitely leave you teary eyed, to the passengers’ exciting stories about their relationships and intimacies.

When you dig through the net, you will realize that many of us are a bit melancholy deep inside, and the majority of us is hungry of someone to talk to, as evidenced by passengers who shared their stories to their trusted driver. This is most especially true when it’s late at night, and you pick up your passengers from the bar downtown, who is a little tipsy from the drink, and ready to go home through an Uber ride with you. More often than not, when one is a little loose and drunk and goes home alone, they all wanted to have is someone to talk to. That is when your role comes in, to lend your ears to your passenger and perhaps offer a shoulder to cry on if you feel so. It is similar to the roles of the bartenders, where they always end up keeping conversations with drunk customers trying to help them call it a good night after all.

So if you’re someone who is looking to save some cash for your next family outing, and knows how to drive responsibly, you can consider this sideline. Being an Uber driver partner is not only easy as 1-2-3, this is also an exceptionally entertaining job to do. Who knows, there might be a calling for you to be a coach, or perhaps a councilor for the broken hearted?