7Sep 2016

Summertime is probably the happiest season for Americans to let loose and have fun with their folks and friends. Labor Day is considered to be the last holiday of summer and everyone wouldn’t miss that chance to travel with loved ones. 73% say that they would want to drive to their last summer holiday destinations than any other means of transportation. While this means that many Americans would like to start the fun at the engine start, this could also mean being stuck in traffic jam on the road, which scored the highest of the Americans’ frustrations in travelling (71%).

To ensure that you will have more fun that being frustrated while on the road, how do we really need to prepare for our road trip with our folks? We should always plan ahead to what role everyone has for the trip. From the poll that was done, there are several roles that each can take and which ones are mostly preferred. You can be the driver, which is mostly preferred by many road trippers (44%). If you’re good with navigation, be the navigator (25%), to set which routes to take to minimize traffic jams and set where to have stop overs for engine checks and stretching time for passengers. If you’re a food junkie, get the role of the snack supplier (16%) to ensure that everyone is full while on the road, and prepare good food for everyone to enjoy. If you don’t have any role to take and you know a number of chill music to keep everyone from getting bored, be the team’s music DJ (12%) and your main role is to keep your driver from sleeping!

Next consideration in enjoying the ride is to measure the comfort level of all the passengers. Nothing beats a comfortable seat while on a long trip and it matters what type of vehicle to use in your travels. From the survey made, almost half of the road trippers prefer an SUV or a truck (48%) to make sure everyone is comfy while on the trip, compared to its smaller counterparts such as luxury vehicles (26%), convertibles (10%), sports car (8%), or an off-road vehicle (8%).

While we all wanted to have fun with our last ticket to enjoy the summer season, and preparation and comfort-ability are factors that we should take care of, nothing beats the security and safety of everyone on the trip, and all fingers should be pointed to the car itself, which includes the drivers.

As the steering wheel captain, the driver should ensure that car is on its top shape before anything else. There are also important items to be included in the driver’s checklist other than the amount of gasoline that the car has. Almost everyone is used to checking the gasoline before hitting the road (90%), but over 25% of drivers don’t check the oil and tires’ condition like its pressure they contain. Don’t be a lousy captain by checking your spare tires, which is the most neglected part of the checklist, 45% of the drivers don’t care what is the condition of the car’s spare tires at all.

Enjoy the ride with your loved ones while making sure that the travel is planned carefully, considering the most important matters of your road trip.