10Jul 2015

New teen driver in Delaware must completethe graduated driver license’s (DGL) program requirements of the DelawareDivision of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Under the GDL program, the first step on your path to obtaining a full driver’s license is to complete a driver’s education course; a written permit test and then obtain your learner’s permit.

If you are new to Delaware and have an out-of-state driver’s license, the DelawareDMV gives you a maximum of 60 days to transfer your driver’s license. If you have held your out-of-state driver’s license for less than 12 months, you will be issued with a learners permit. In addition, you must have completed a driver’s education course from your previous state and it must be approved by the DelawareDepartment of Education, you should therefore carry your certificates to prove completion of the Driver’s Ed course.

To take the written permit test, book an appointment and visit your local Delaware DMV office. The written permit test is made up of 30 questions that are derived from the Delaware Driver Manual. The test covers a variety of topics, however the questions mostly cover the following topics: Highway signs and what they mean, pavement markings, motor vehicle laws, accident and emergency procedures,lane use, safe practices when driving, and signaling and communicating to other drivers. To pass the written test, you need a pass score of 80% or at least 24 correctly answered questions.

The Delaware DMV suggests studying the Delaware driver manual in order to prepare for the written test. Though this is a sure way to prepare for the test, it can be very hard to review all the key points while studying the handbook. As an alternative, you can opt for an online practice test. The practice test helps you practice recalling relevant information that you are likely to be tested for in the exam. In addition, when you take the practice test, you are likely to learn the information quicker than when reading the driver manual and consequently retain it for long. After passing the test you will be issued with your learner’s permit.

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