10Jul 2015

The Connecticut DMV implemented a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program, the program is designed to help teens become more responsible drivers. Under the GDL program, driver’s permit applicants must go through various milestones before they can obtain an unrestricted driver’s license.

When you are ready with all the other documents required when applying for a driver’s permit, you can call the DMV Phone Center and make an appointment with the Connecticut DMV to take yourknowledge test. Apart from booking and appointment, you also have the option of taking the knowledge tests at a DMV Hub Office. When visiting the DMV office to take your test it is important that you go during low traffic. The lowtraffic hours are before lunch hour (usually noon), during the middle of the week (between Wednesday and Thursday) or during the middle of the month.

The Connecticutknowledge permit test consists of 25 questions with information from the Connecticut Driver’s Manual. The knowledge test covers  vehicle safety, defensive driving, vehicle positioning, signaling and communicating to other drivers, parking, sharing the road, road signage, entering and exiting the freeway, lane use, and accident and emergency procedures. To pass the knowledge test you will need a pass score of 80% or at least 20 questions correctly answered.

You can read through the Connecticut Driver’s Manualand take online practice test from authorized providers to prepare for your test, in addition, the Connecticut DMV also offers an app, which an applicant can use to preparefor the written exam. Apart from passing the written test, you will also need to pass a vision test, pay a $40 permit test fee and an additional $19 learner’s permit fee.

As part of the GDL program, first time diver’s permit applicant must go through a Connecticut DMV approved driver’s education course. The course should be taken after holding your driver’s permit for a certain period of time and beforeobtaining your driver’s permit. The driver’s education course can be taken at home, at your secondary or high school or at a commercial driving school. The requirements of the Driver’s Ed course differ depending on where you complete your course:

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