Safe Driving Tip #7:Driver Distraction!

A professional driver talks about the importance of keeping your eyes on the road when you’re driving. It’s from Ford Motor Company’s Driving Skills for Life… Living cars is an ultimate referral More »

Baby Safety — Driving Tips for Moms

Watch more infant car seat safety videos — Subscribe to the Parents Magazine channel –… Safe driving can help your car last longer. Several driving tips to stay out of More »

Safety tips: Driving in the Rain

Safety tips for driving in the rain from the Virginia Department of Transportation. When driving an automatic car, make sure to stop completely before shifting gears or putting the car in reverse. More »

Safe Driving Tip #2: Slow Down!

A professional driver gives some important tips on times when you should slow down, as part of Ford Motor Company’s Driving Skills for Life. The program is d… Video Rating: 4 / More »

Driving in the Rain Safety Tip

Learn safe driving tips for wet weather conditions. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Bad drivers get schooled in this funny clip featuring Mr. Howard, an off-kilter driving school instructor- that has a More »


Simple technique to create new habits in your life
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Animation of the 7 Habits for Teens workshop from Franklin Covey and facilitated by Career & Life Planning.
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Inconsiderate Drivers in the GTA Jun 24 – Jun 30 2013

Welcome to my 18th edition of inconsiderate, idiotic, dangersous, but sometimes smart and intelligent drivers in the GTA Its an accumulation of inconsiderate…
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Freeway jumpers are drivers who jump off a busy freeway only to jump back on because they think they are saving time. However in Marin County one particular …
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Examples Of Good Driving – SUV Driver

Now, this is what I would like to see more often. Respect to you Driver Person!
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